LG Remote Control (AKB73715608) for Select LG TVs - Black

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LG Remote Control. This remote comes in black. Model: AKB73715608

- LG Brand Remote Control
- Requires 2 AAA batteries (Sold Separately)

Compatible with LG 32LH500B, 32LN520B, 32LN530B, 32LN530B-UA, 32LN530BUA, 32LN536B, 32LN540B, 32LN541C, 32LN5300, 32LN5310, 39LN541C, 39LN5300, 39LN5300-UB, 39LN5300UB, 40LH5000, 40LH5000-UA, 40LH5000UA, 42LN541C, 42LN5200, 42LN5300, 42LN5300-UB, 42LN5300UB, 42LN5400, 42LN5400-UA, 42LN5400UA, 42PN450P, 42PN4500, 43LH5000, 47LN541C, 47LN5200, 47LN5200-UB, 47LN5200UB, 47LN5310, 47LN5400, 47LN5400-UA, 47LN5400UA, 50LN5100, 50LN5100-UB, 50LN5100UB, 50LN5200, 50LN5200-UB, 50LN5200UB, 50LN5310, 50LN5400, 50PN450P, 50PN530P, 50PN4500, 50PN4500-UA, 50PN4500UA, 50PN5000, 50PN5300, 50PN6500, 50PN6500-UA, 50PN6500UA, 55LN541C, 55LN5100, 55LN5200, 55LN5200-UB, 55LN5200UB, 55LN5310, 55LN5400, 55LN5400-UA, 55LN5400UA, 60LN5400, 60LN5400-UA, 60LN5400UA, 60PN530P, 60PN5000, 60PN5300, 60PN5700, 60PN5700-UA, 60PN5700UA, 60PN6500, 60PN6500-UA, 60PN6500UA, and 60PN6550 TVs
Model Number: AKB73715608