Panasonic Remote Control (N2QAYB000820) for Select Panasonic TVs - Black

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Panasonic Original TV Remote Control. Black color. Model: (N2QAYB000820). Requires 2x AA batteries (No batteries included).

Compatible with Panasonic TCL39EM60, TCL50EM60, TCP42X60, TCP50X60, TH39LRU6, TH39LRU60, TH42LRU6, TH32LRU60, TH42LRU60, TH65LRU60, TCL32B6, TCL32XM6, TH32LRU6, TC50A400U, TC39A400U, TC32A400U, TC40A420U, TCL50EM60E, TCL50B6, TCL32B6P, TCL39B6, TH42LRU7, TH50LRU70, TH32LRU70, TH42LRU70, TH32LRU7, TH39LRU60A, TH50LRU60, TH39LRU6U, TH65LRU60U, TH32LRU60U, and TH39LRU60U
Model Number: N2QAYB000820