TCL Remote (RC280-ESPN) for Select TCL TVs (Netflix/Hulu/Channel/ESPN) - Black

TCL Remote (RC280-ESPN) for Select TCL TVs (Netflix/Hulu/Channel/ESPN) - Black

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A TCL Remote Control (RC280-ESPN) for your TV in Black. Requires 2 AAA batteries (Batteries not included)

Features Netflix, Hulu, Channel and ESPN+ Hotkeys.

This remote works on ALL TCL Roku TV models S425 S325 32S301 32S305 32S3700 32S3750 32S3800 32S3850 32S4610R 40FS3700 40FS3750 40FS3800 40FS3850 48FS3700 48FS3800 48FS3850 43S303 49S303 43S403 49S403 43S305 49S305 43S405 49S405 43S515 49S515 43R615 49R615 43S517 49S517 43R617 49R617 40FS4610R 48FS4610R 43FP110 49FP110 32S3850A 32S3850B 32S3850P 28S305 28S3750 55US57 and 50FS3700 50FS3750 55FS3750 50FS3800 55FS3800 50FS3850 55FS3850 55FS4610R 55US5800 65US5800 55S401 55S403 55S405 65S401 65S403 65S405 55S515 55R615 65S515 65R615 55P605 55P607 55C803 55C807 65C807 55S517 65S517 55R617 65R617 50UP120 55UP120 50UP130 55UP130

- Multiple streaming channel buttons including Netflix, Hulu, Roku Channel and ESPN+
Model Number: RC280-ESPN